Trampolína BERG Champion Green 380 + ochranná síť  Deluxe
  • Trampolína BERG Champion Green 380 + ochranná síť  Deluxe
  • Trampolína BERG Champion Green 380 + ochranná síť  Deluxe

Trampoline BERG Champion Green 380 + Safety Net Deluxe

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BERG Champion 380 trampoline with safety net Deluxe


Trampolines are irresistible. Their advantage is also that you keep fit on them, train dexterity and balance.

Champion series trampoline. Green color of the protective collar, galvanized frames outside and inside, the springs have the shape of a double cone, the flexible jumping mat allows water to pass through.

The Deluxe safety net is made of galvanized steel and is corrosion resistant. Ensures simple and safe handling.

For optimal protection, all rods are equipped with foam sleeves. The net is optimally strong and secure, while providing a good view.

TwinSpring Gold:

TwinSpring Gold springs are used on trampolines of the Champion, Grand Champion and Elite series.

Quality: the high number of strong springs (30% more springs compared to standard trampolines!) Is much easier to put on during assembly thanks to the new procedure (red eye of the spring on the red mark on the frame). In addition, the springs are equipped with very durable galvanizing, which ensures excellent anti-corrosion properties.

Safety: special, long springs are very tight and tightly wound. This prevents an unpleasant and painful pinching of the finger or skin.

Comfort: the new oblique spring mounting system creates a large elastic surface that provides excellent bounce properties and increases overall jumping comfort.

Trampoline dimensions:

Diameter: 380 cm

Height: 90 cm

Protective collar: width 38 cm, height 3 cm

Number of springs: 112 TwinSpring Gold

Load capacity: 110 kg, tested at 550 kg

Dimensions of the safety net:

Diameter: 380 cm

Height: 180 cm



Data sheet

Load capacity
110 kg
380 cm
Safety net
Trampoline shape