Šlapadlo BERG X-ite XXL-BFR
  • Šlapadlo BERG X-ite XXL-BFR
  • Šlapadlo BERG X-ite XXL-BFR
  • Šlapadlo BERG X-ite XXL-BFR
  • Šlapadlo BERG X-ite XXL-BFR
  • Šlapadlo BERG X-ite XXL-BFR

Pedal go-kart BERG X-ite XXL-BFR

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BERG X-ite XXL-BFR off-road pedal go-kart

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Did you know that in addition to the XL frame, we also have an XXL frame?

This frame is specially designed to be suitable not only for children, but also for adults or taller people.

The BERG X-ite XXL-BFR is a special pedal go-kart for exceptional riders. Thanks to its robustness and large tires, it can handle any paved terrain.

Thanks to the aerodynamic spoiler, fenders and air-inflatable tires, this pedal car is a really fast vehicle.

Thanks to ball bearings, this pedal go-kart is almost never heard while driving. It allows forward and reverse ride, it is equipped with a braking system.

The seat can be adjusted as needed to 8 positions according to the height of the rider. The pedal car is very stable thanks to the swinging axle.

The pedal go-kart is equipped with a parking brake for safety, it can be stored in a vertical position. It is also equipped with a unique BFR system, which allows pedaling forward, backward and braking by pressing the pedals back.

Of course, it is also equipped with a parking brake on the right side of the driver.


The XXL frame is 10 cm longer than the standard XL frame

Extra comfort thanks to the tires

The reinforced frame is even stronger

Seat adjustment to 8 positions

Suitable for children, adults and seniors

Dimensions: 166x81x86 cm

Load capacity: 100 kg

Weight: 48.2 kg

Age: 5-99

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166x81x86 cm
48.2 kg
Load capacity
100 kg
5+ years